Organic Zinc Supplements for Kids, Adults - Zinc Sulfate - Liquid Zinc Supplement - Pure Ionic Zinc - Drops - in Coconut Oil - Immune Support - NO Preservatives - 100 Vegan Servings

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  • ★ ONE OF A KIND ★ THE ONLY LIQUID ZINC IN MCT! Any Zinc & water requires preservatives to prevent spoilage (e.g. Potassium Sorbate, Sorbic Acid). Unlike any other liquid zinc supplement, our unique formula is PURE, NO preservatives, NO additives, all NATURAL, is better absorbed, and 10X BETTER TASTE than any zinc tablets. We think outside the box to bring you the healthiest alternatives for the entire family. When we say we are "transparent” on labels, we actually mean it!
  • HIGH ABSORPTION: Not all zinc supplements are created equal. Most don’t get fully absorbed by the body and end up going to waste! With this liquid zinc, you’ll absorb up to 99% of the nutrients. The high bio-availability makes for quicker and better absorption by the body than pills. These concentrated ionic mineral drops enter your bloodstream within minutes after being ingested for maximum efficacy.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE: At NutraFitz, we believe in using the highest quality ingredients. Each formula is custom crafted and contains scientifically researched natural ingredients with proven science that support 100% of all label claims. We take great pride in bringing you the highest quality supplements with the finest ingredients. Concentrated and highly bio-available, our mineral zinc in MCT provides stronger immunity support for your body shortly after it’s ingested.
  • LIQUID ZINC BENEFITS: Zinc plays a vital role in immunity, acne, supports the body’s natural defenses, heart health, weight management, memory & learning, children’s development, supports eye health & thyroid function, hormone balance and more. Ionic form of Zinc is immediately bioavailable to the bloodstream and works faster and more effective than capsules or tablets. Our liquid Zinc also allows for you to easily adjust dosage sizes for your needs and every member of your family.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN USA – We proudly manufacture all our supplements in the USA! Our manufacturing facility is GMP certified and adheres to the highest quality control standards. THIRD PARTY TESTED As a professional grade supplement company we have every raw ingredient tested for purity and quality. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

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