The Unexpected Key to Healthy Aging: Mitochondria
December 31, 2022

The Unexpected Key to Healthy Aging: Mitochondria

Healthy aging extends beyond being healthy at a certain age but rather maintaining overall wellbeing throughout an entire lifetime. The reality is healthy aging is essential to enjoying a higher quality of life throughout the years.

Consequently, the concept of healthy aging has become a top priority for many as they grow older. Instead of delaying the aging process, people of all ages are focused on living well longer at every age.  Americans today are shifting their priorities and taking a holistic approach to their health by focusing on measures like exercising for the mental health boost, eating healthier, and getting better sleep, according to a recent study by Medifast.

Living Better – life to the max

Ensuring people can live each day to the fullest is essential as the life expectancy rises globally; people born in 2016 will on average live seven years longer than those born 25 years ago. In fact, the World Health Organization has an increased focus on healthy aging, dedicating the years 2021-2030 as the Decade of Healthy Aging. Their recent dedication to healthy aging stems from the fact that by the end of 2030, the number of people aged 60 years and older will be 34% higher, increasing from 1 billion in 2019 to 1.4 billion.  People have taken healthy aging to new heights by making efforts to enhance their physical and mental health, incorporating exercise and physical activity into their daily routine, eating a proper diet, and participating in leisure and social activities to stimulate mental sharpness and boost cognition.

Moreover, as the rate of neurodegenerative diseases increases at an alarming rate, people are making a better effort to maintain better brain health. If brain health is not prioritized, more than 12 million Americans will suffer from neurodegenerative diseases in the year 2030 according to the Harvard Neurodiscovery Center.

An aging population

The increasing aging population, coupled with the desire to improve the quality of life as one ages, has set the stage for prioritizing healthy aging practices, making smarter lifestyle choices, and adding natural supplements to one’s health routine.

While many take preventive measures to care for their brain as they age, they often overlook one key aspect in their regimen: maintaining mitochondrial health. As one grows older, the mitochondrial function begins to decline.  Healthy mitochondria are critical for not only maintaining their function over time but to yield other benefits like cognitive performance including memory, as well as energy. Moreover, healthy mitochondria also stimulate other important functions associated with aging such as preserving healthy cells and the immune system.

Healthy aging and living better over 50

One ingredient that has proven to energize the mitochondria is a pyrroloquinoline quinone, commonly known as PQQ. This ingredient is found in trace amount of foods, including kiwi, oranges, tofu, some meats, and even breastmilk. However, the best way to reap the benefits PQQ has to offer is in the form of supplementation.  The inclusion of PQQ in a daily routine can fuel cellular activity in the body and power the mitochondria, which is crucial for healthy aging.

It can be tricky to navigate the nutraceutical industry with its wide variety of ingredients, which all claim to offer a myriad of benefits. That’s why it’s imperative that people choose supplements with ingredients that they can trust. Enter BioPQQ®, a natural source of PQQ developed by Mitsubishi Gas Chemical in Japan through a proprietary fermentation process. Safe and well-established, this mitochondria-enhancing ingredient is the most researched and tested compound of its kind on the market. In fact, BioPQQ outperformed other popular mitochondrial boosting ingredients on the market.

Many clinical studies show BioPQQ  can create healthy mitochondria, the powerhouse of cells that are critical to brain and heart functioning. Including BioPQQ in a daily routine, may provide a wide range of health benefits:

  • BioPQQ was found to improve selective attention and working ability after 12 weeks of taking 20 mg of BioPQQ., according to a study of 41 healthy elderly subjects.
  • Improves the short-term memory over the course of 6 months of taking 20 mg of BioPQQ per day, according to a study of 67 middle-aged to elderly subjects.
  • Reduce confusion, anxiety, and depression, and improve vigor after taking 20mg a day of BioPQQ for 8 weeks, according to a study of 17 adults.
  • Increases memory recall, reverse the decline in cognitive function and improve overall higher brain functions like spatial awareness after taking 20mg a day of BioPQQ for 24 weeks, according to a study of 71 healthy adults aged 45-65.

Natural ingredient and fuel

The all-natural ingredient has also been proven to boost cognitive health over time, helping to repair functions that become damaged with age.

 BioPQQ is the only ingredient of its kind that has a New Dietary Ingredient from the FDA, which attests to its safety and efficacy. The only one of its kind, the NDI serves as an assurance and vote of confidence for shoppers when picking the right supplemental ingredient for their daily routine. BioPQQ is certified as an ingredient by the Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice quality assurance programs, ensuring that every batch has been tested for substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). This affirmation makes it safe to use for athletic competition.

When taken regularly, BioPQQ can enable one to better maintain cognitive health and performance over time. Research has demonstrated that BioPQQ cannot only help consumers live well to an old age, but also help them to live each day to the fullest, even at an old age. For more information about the healthy-aging benefits of BioPQQ or to learn which supplements contain the ingredient, visit

By: Shoji Matsukawa, Vice President of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical North America

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.